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[Bug 434618] gigabyte ga-g31mf-s1 board unusable for recent opensuse releases - 11. 1 beta2 - reboot/reset during bootup from install media
  • From: bugzilla_noreply@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 15:45:21 -0600 (MDT)
  • Message-id: <20081025214521.95920CC6B5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

User abittner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx added comment

--- Comment #13 from andreas bittner <abittner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2008-10-25 15:45:10 MDT ---
i found out additional stuff:

after a while the system seems to react and continue to display stuff, after
the modprobe error. it loads up some hardwaredrivers like ich7 or some intel
stuff, loads/starts usb devices (but usb-hardware/mice dont work actually, i
guess it could be related to the modprobe fail and the agpgart stuff....) and
it ends up being in the blue textmode linuxrc 3.3.11 screen, only telling me
"make sure that cd number 1 is in your drive"... and "ok" and "back" buttons.

i guess there are no ide/atapi drivers loaded properly or something. with an
additionally attached classical ps/2 keyboard i can select the ok button and
press it as many times as i want, it never does anything beyond this point and
still asks for cd#1.

with the help of alt+f1 keys and so on i actually figured that i have some
basic linux kernel started up and i can find /var/log/boot.msg file with
hugeloads of stuff inside, but i cant save it anywhere as there arent any
drives present at all that i could make use of....

i could take some pictures with a cam of the boot.msg output though if anyone

some additional hardware info: this is an integrated graphics chipset from
intel, and it uses parts of the main memory for graphics ram.

so now the really interesting thing is, that i was messing with this boards
bios and found a settings where i could set the framebuffer size that the
mainboard uses. there are only two settings, called something like "1+1
megabyte" and "8+1 megabyte".

the system was set to 1+1megabytes all the time during my problems and tests
with earlier suse versions and the 11.1 beta suse versions too. as you remember
the earlier suse version 10.2 was working fine with the "1+1megabyte" shared
framebuffer ramsize, all newer suse versions didnt work.

so i tried to set it to 8+1 framebuffer shared size and voila, the damn thing
boots up without a gart nor udev error into the graphical opensuse 11.1 beta3
installer screen and eula/license infos. i stopped there for the moment.

so whats wrong with the smaller ram size bios settings and the whole kernel
either hanging, crashing or not really working properly at all?

i will report this bug and behaviour to the kernel folks, maybe somebody can
take a look into this.

i will further investigate if the beta3 opensuse 11.1 installation works on
this machine.

thanks for the moment, and i will report back with more info as i find out.

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