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[Bug 375836] parallel driver grabs IRQ14 preventing legacy SFF ATA controller from working
  • From: bugzilla_noreply@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 15:11:18 -0600 (MDT)
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User trenn@xxxxxxxxxx added comment

--- Comment #39 from Thomas Renninger <trenn@xxxxxxxxxx> 2008-05-24 15:11:17
MDT ---
If the device is not enabled, PNP will parse _PRS (Possible Resource Settings),
pick one resource and activates/enables the device via _SRS (Set Resource
Settings). _CRS gets ignored. So the data PNP passes to the parport_pc driver
is not random. I was confused because I couldn't find _PRS and _SRS methods
they are declared some hundred lines below in a separate scope space...:

Scope (\_SB.PCI0.LPC.ECP0)
Name (_PRS, ResourceTemplate ()
StartDependentFn (0x00, 0x00)
IRQNoFlags ()
DMA (Compatibility, NotBusMaster, Transfer8, )
IO (Decode16,
0x0378, // Range Minimum
0x0378, // Range Maximum

I don't believe IRQ 14 is random. If Milisav looks at the "options" file for
the parallel port, I'm pretty sure it will contain IRQ 14.
First I wanted to post: No need there is no _PRS for ECP0, options will be
empty... therefore I thought PNP returns random data...
But you are right, I was wrong. PNP picks IRQ 14 when Misilav installed and now
picks IRQ 5 if has already installed and this probably comes from _PRS above.

IMO instead of blacklisting IRQ 14 for PNP0401 (IRQ 15 also needs to be added),
it would be more efficient to set a preferred IRQ via the quirk interface
(would be easier for shorterm?), or even better passed via the driver. A hint
from the driver to PNP, if it really has to go through _PRS and can choose
between quite a lot setups.
E.g. for IRQs: serial should be 4 or/snd 3, floppy 6, parallel 7, kbd 1, mouse
What do you think?

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