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[Bug 331835] Metacity: Popup dialogs steal focus
  • From: bugzilla_noreply@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 11:11:45 -0700 (MST)
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--- Comment #14 from Federico Mena Quintero <federico@xxxxxxxxxx> 2007-11-14
11:11:45 MST ---
(In reply to comment #12 from Ricardo Cruz)
Haven't used it a whole lot, but it seems to be working great! I think the
span is bigger now, right? Thanks. But it does still get the focus after some
time, as it should.

It's not a time span, actually. What happens now is:

1. If a window gets mapped but it doesn't have _NET_WM_USER_TIME set, Metacity
generates a timestamp for it.

2, If a *transient* window appears but doesn't have a timestamp, Metacity will
see if its transient parent has a timestamp that it can use.

(1) helps with apps launched without startup-notification, like when you run
yast2 from a terminal.

(2) helps with evil transient dialogs that appear without any user interaction.

Now, I am under the impression that in Metacity 2.18, when a popup doesn't get
focus, its main-window entry on the taskbar gets highlight (you know, just
when you launch an app). But maybe I am wrong here, I need to test that. In
case, as you had to dig around to get to the bug, maybe that would be some
thing to implement?

That is correct, and it happens as well with this patch.

on :)). First, the window placement strategy. Is there any strategy to it
actually? :/ A lot of times, it actually overlaps the new window over your
current one, when there is enough room on the screen to put it somewhere else.

You can track this upstream at

The second is the maximization action. Most times, you just want to vertically
maximize the window, so middle-click on the maximize button should do it (like

You can track this upstream at

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