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[Bug 231153] Yast selects 32-bit bigsmp-kernel at 64 bit system
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  • Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 10:15:42 -0700 (MST)
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------- Comment #30 from johantuitman@xxxxxxxxx 2007-02-16 10:15 MST -------
Sorry for re-opening the bug, but I really think this should be fixed, maybe in
upcoming versions of SUSE.

I did select the 32-bit Nvidia by intention because I was asked (comment #14)
to create a test case. When the problem originally occurred I did not selected
it intentionally. I did probably select the wrong Nvidia driver and thereby the
32-bit kernel was automatically selected. I did not receive any warning that I
was going to install a 32-bit kernel.

If you select the 32-bit Nvidia driver there is no description that it is a
32-bit version. This can only been seen in the technical data. The same is true
for the bigsmp-kernel. If selected the following information is provided:

“kernel-bigsmp - Kernel with PAE Support

This kernel supports up to 64GB of main memory. It requires Physical Addressing
Extensions (PAE), which were introduced with the Pentium Pro processor. “

I have a machine with 4Gb of memory and problems to load the network driver
with this amount of memory. Why should I directly understand that selecting
this package is 32-bit? In previous versions of SuSE there was a 64-bit big-smp
kernel and I did need that kernel for installation of a system with 12Gb of
memory. Therefor I was not surprised to see the big-smp kernel be selected.

After re-booting and seeing some error messages and having a crashed system it
took me quit a lot of time to find out I did install a 32-bit kernel.

To summarize: I don't think many users will directly know that those packages
break there system. At a 64-bit installation these packages will never work So
hiding these packages or issue a clear waring will make (the new version of)
SUSE even more user friendly. This approach was already suggested by Comment
#12 From Andreas Hanke. I do not understand way the bug was closed and the
suggestion by Andreas was not followed.

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