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[Bug 244534] RIP or hald kills kernel, avoiding DVD seems to avoid problem. . . AMD X2/nVidia Geforce 6100
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 16:08:28 -0700 (MST)
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------- Comment #6 from AntrygRevok@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 2007-02-13 16:08 MST -------

I've tried installing OpenSuSE 10.1, and that didn't work either.
mouse-cursor disappeared when I lowered the vsync to 76-or-lower,
& ADSL would not work, tried a dozen times.

One hw weirdness: keyboard, MS internet-something-or-other USB going through a
ps/2 adapter
( so that startup can be keyed by a key )
in Grub menu, up/down arrows *usually* give numbers?

re-installed 10.2 x86_64 again ( safe-settings ), took 2 attempts
( first run crashed when installing packages )

Here's the config:
Raptor on sata, seen as sda
Pioneer DVD 111 ( or something ) on udma 80-wire cable, yes I've tried
re-plugging the cable, no BIOS setting to select lower udma/pio for it. . .

sda1 = winXP
/tmp = 2GB
/var = 2GB
/opt = 3GB
/usr = 5GB
/ = 600MB
/windows/d fat32 for sharing files between OSs

completely default package selection

modified locale to be en_ca

Low free space warning given when about to install
( is it assuming it's going into / ? )


first attempt crashed on kdegraphics3-kamera
disabled ipv6
changed DSL to boot-activation, 0 timeout
it demanded linux-atm-lib
DVD is 20070213-113711 CD1

updates? only libzypp, which seemed weird
went back and re-did online updates, and it got lots

got into root & disabled hda/DVD from install source
tried adding unix2dos ( assuming it'd not check the DVD drive )
and it crashed.
Big Red Button

Enclosing hwinfo --all
/var/log/messages as attachments
all are fresh, and after the single hard-crash of *this* install.

Now I've outright removed hda/DVD install-source, and it hasn't crashed yet. .

. .

Hope this helps. . .

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