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[Bug 242466] New: hal automounting bug (messed up /media/.hal-mtab )
  • From: bugzilla_noreply@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 17:46:28 -0700 (MST)
  • Message-id: <bug-242466-21960@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/>

Summary: hal automounting bug (messed up /media/.hal-mtab )
Product: openSUSE 10.2
Version: Final
Platform: Other
OS/Version: Other
Status: NEW
Severity: Normal
Priority: P5 - None
Component: Basesystem
AssignedTo: bnc-team-screening@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ReportedBy: xnullz@xxxxxxxxx
QAContact: qa@xxxxxxx

The default scenario of automounting is to create /media/<volume-label-name>
directory and mount device here. It's ok until the volume label consists of
non-latin characters. In my example it will be volume label "Подлый
лэйбл" in Russian. So let's look in /media/.hal-mtab after automounting
dvd disc with such label:

>cat /media/.hal-mtab
/dev/hdc 1000 0 iso9660 nosuid,nodev,uid=1000,noatime,utf8

Scary thing, isn't it ? =)

Although, the mountpoint directory is correctly created :

ls -p /media/
floppy/ .hal-mtab .hal-mtab-lock xmms_audio_cd/ Подлый лэйбл/

Messed up /media/.hal-mtab brokes not only unmounting, it gets further
automounting inoperable, until you manually delete /media/.hal-mtab*.

My temporary ugly workaround is to tell hal to create static mountpoint in such
way :


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- -*- SGML -*- -->
<deviceinfo version="0.2">
<!-- optical drives -->
<match key="block.device" string="/dev/hdc">
<match key="volume.is_disc" bool="true">
<merge key="volume.policy.should_mount" type="bool">true</merge>
<merge key="volume.policy.desired_mount_point" type="string">cdrom</merge>

So /dev/hdc will be mounted to static /media/cdrom and I'll avoid ./hal-mtab

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