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[Bug 240102] Can't control SPDIF output with KMix, must use aumix
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  • Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 13:12:55 -0700 (MST)
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------- Comment #4 from rmuncrief@xxxxxxxxxxx 2007-02-02 13:12 MST -------
It seems you have completely forgotten what should be your goal, delivering a
desktop OS alternative to Windows Vista that users can simply install and use.

While I appreciate the technical info it is completely and utterly irrelevant
to your users.

You just gave me a very complicated explanation as to why openSuse doesn't
work, and I already knew it didn't work. I don't care why.

What I want, as a user, is for openSuse to work when I install it. That means,
amongst many other things, when I go to the mixer that openSuse has installed
and want to turn SPDIF on or off that I can easily do it. That's all I want to
do. Turn SPDIF on when I want to listen to audio on my stereo, and turn it off
when I want to listen to it on my computer speakers. A very simple thing for
every OS except Linux.

Look, it's very simple. If your mixer doesn't fully work or is "buggy", then
don't install it. Either fix it, or install a mixer that does work. My
goodness, the attitude your displaying is the reason why Linux has once again
missed another golden opportunity to win users from Windows, and Microsoft
threw this opportunity right on your lap. I don't know anyone who "wants" to
move to Vista, but we have no alternative, and your answer is a perfect example
of why.

Users want to stick a DVD into their computer, install an OS, and have it work.
But my goodness, listen to what you’re saying - in 2007 the default mixer
installed by openSuse 10.2 doesn't work and you're not going to fix it, you're
just going to explain its dysfunction.

If alsamixer, or whatever, works then install it instead. But as you know, it
doesn't fully work either. In fact as I remember it was even worse than KMix,
which is probably why you went with KMix. Or it could have been an arbitrary
decision to put something in that you known doesn't work in place of something
that you know does work, but that wouldn't make any sense, would it? I really
don't know anymore when it comes to Linux.

Sheesh people. You're losing your shorts and there's absolutely no reason for
it. You know people need to turn SPDIF on and off. You know they need dual
display output capabilities. You know people need to forward and rewind
internet multimedia.

Don't respond to their bug reports with reasons why these normal everyday
things don't work under Linux, respond to them by fixing the silly things. Only
a very few, such as myself, even have the ability to understand the explanation
you gave. And in the end it was to install one buggy partially functioning
mixer for another that is equally incomplete.

So finally and succinctly, this is what I want as far as this bug is concerned.
I want to install openSuse and be able to control the mixer audio functions
from the mixer that's installed. Period. It couldn't be a simpler, more direct,
and in 2007 more old fashioned, request.

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