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[Bug 216118] RSS readers liferea/akregator having _very_ different default feeds.
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  • Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 09:25:36 -0700 (MST)
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------- Comment #4 from balazs.melikant@xxxxxxxxxxxx 2006-10-29 09:25 MST -------
I didn't say that Debian-related feeds should be removed! I read the
"bug-reports" and the corresponding mail-list entries for that, but to be
honest, I was happy to see both of them under Liferea and decided that was good
thing to leave them there. I didn't know that this was just accident ;)

I repeat my previous statements of my own bug-report, but likely between Gnome
(liferea) and KDE (akregator) there is no such good cooperation as I did hope.
As I mentioned, now there are great feeds in BOTH of the above programs, so why
not to _combine_ them to make users of each program more happy (or better to
say more informed)?!
By default I would have no easy possibility to access CoolSolutions or SUSE
Security Announcements, KDE-related, etc. if I would use exclusively liferea
and via Akregator I would miss all Planet SUSE, Groklaw, Slashdot, etc. and
particularly Planet Debian, which I personally found quite good because of the
various topics.
Of course users can later on add/remove feeds, but I tried to suggest a way to
unify the Novell/SUSE default feeds. I still think that a combination of the
titles from both programs would be an optimal and likely preferred way. Mainly
because I consider myself as user. That is another reason for Debian Planet,
having frequent postings and being not like (I'm sorry for mentioning it here)
different Cool Solution-related feeds, e.g. having a single posting in the last
six months ( or similar.

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