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[Bug 213982] LSB: msync() does not detect a hole in mapped range
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  • Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 16:10:45 -0600 (MDT)
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------- Comment #2 from pbaudis@xxxxxxxxxx 2006-10-20 16:10 MST -------
Funnily enough, this topic was mentioned today on #lsb (Jiri, if you're using
IRC, it might be interesting for you to hang there BTW, since you're doing the
conformance testing):

[23:50] < licquia> basically, the lsb tests mmap() three consecutive pages from
a large file, and then munmap() the middle page
[23:51] < licquia> then they try to msync() the first two pages
[23:51] < licquia> that should fail, but on kernels 2.6.17 and higher, it
[23:52] < pasky> I see. How grave is it a problem for LSB certification? Do the
distributions need to fix that? Or will LSB be "fixed" not to mandate that?
[23:52] < licquia> that's what i'm trying to figure out
[23:52] < licquia> right now, it's looking like a kernel problem
[23:52] < licquia> after some investigation, i've found evidence that it's
fixed in 2.6.19rc1
[23:52] < licquia> which i'm testing right now
[23:53] < licquia> (if i can get a kernel built that supports sata :-) )
[23:53] < licquia> what clued us in is that red hat backported the patch to
their 2.6.18 kernel
[23:54] < licquia> and fedora core w/ that kernel passes the test;a=commit;h=707c21c848deeb0200ba3f07e4ba90e6dc419c2f
broke it.;a=commit;h=204ec841fbea3e5138168edbc3a76d46747cc987
fixed it.

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