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[Bug 210971] It is impossible to delete note using keyboard. Note type deselection does not switch off note entering mode.
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  • Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 02:30:23 -0600 (MDT)
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------- Comment #3 from Wojciech.Szenajch@xxxxxxxxxxx 2006-10-10 02:30 MST -------
Andreas wrote: "We're not updating packages for new features." This rule was
violated in SuSE 10.0 when Mozilla Firefox 1.0 was updated as patch to Mozilla
1.5 version. It was a very good decission.

Please remember that noteedit is not provided with SLED10. The simplest way to
have it with this system is to take it from OpenSuSE. Version 10.2 has
different gcc and glibc versions than SLED10. OpenSuSE 10.1 will go more or
less parallel with SLED10 being natural source of additional packages (without
support of course) for commercial version. I planned to buy new PC with SLED10
officially supported by computer vendor - but you force me to stay with free
OpenSuSE version. OK - I like it (I used all versions starting from 8.2), but
it will be Novell's financial loss.

Noteedit was much easier to learn for my son (he was nine years old) than
Finale Notepad for Windows. But lack of direct printing from noteedit was
annoying. The newest version 2.8.1 promises to deliver this feature. It is also
declared to be the last version. You may have lower support costs having one
version on two OpenSuSE releases and another point in competing with MS
Windows, especially that notepad version 2.8.0 distributed with SuSE 10.1 seems
to be rather unusable.

I can get and compile version from but my general rule me and my
friends home usage of the system is not to have any development tools
installed. They are interested in music, not in gcc/glibc/make/etc. You have
no any development tools required for most of the MS Windows packages. This is
Novell who wants to compete with Microsoft on desktop market and I will be
happy to see it successfull.

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