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Re: [opensuse-boosters] Topic for next meeting: OSUOSL
Stephan Kulow - 10:53 21.09.11 wrote:
Am Mittwoch, 21. September 2011 schrieb Michal Hrusecky:

What is and how it works? Strange question, but is it
documented somewhere? And isn't it just another iChain instance? AFAIK
No, it's our own implementation.

Ok, so it is our own implementation of something like iChain,
nonstandard and undocumented? Sounds great :-D

Connect is behind some proxy that provides authentication which is
impossible (or at least hard) to do on servers hosted out of our
internal network. So if we are going to move some services out of Provo,
connect is behind, yes. And there is no reason why the
authenification can't stay behind if the real traffic is
then directly to the hoster.

We can then later switch from ldap auth to connect auth, but for now I
consider it a major regression if I need different accounts for different
openSUSE services.

Interesting point from this response is, the LDAP you are talking about,
I guess we don't have access to it, right? It would make things much

Do we have control over One of the issues with
iChain is that whenever we need something, it has to go through Provo.

Other reason is that whenever we want to set up new website (if we want
to update bugzilla, mediawiki, if we decide that we want something else)
we need to create/maintain iChain authentication plugin while openID is
widely supported. With, just name would change from
iChain to And if we will be setting up new infrastructure, I
think it would be a good opportunity to get rid of some legacy technologies we
have around. If we would get our hands on that LDAP, we could just setup
Connect to use it and provide openID fro everybody else. So same
login/password, just different way...

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