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[opensuse-boosters] finally: promised article
Hi boosters,

I promised (a LONG time ago) to write an 'what are the boosters up to'
for you. See below... I hope it helps to get something out on the
Boosters work again :D

Title: Connecting: Done, Attracting: in progress. Conference: coming!

The last <a href="";>Milestone</a> finished <a
href="";>by the Boosters</a>
was <a href="
to-6/">improving the membership decision process in Connect</a>. After
that, we picked a new milestone: "Open Build Service Upstream
Attraction". We want to make it easier for projects to use OBS to
distribute their software!

<h2>Upstream Attraction</h2>
As you know, OBS is a great and easy way to build packages for a large
number of platforms. We've been thinking that this is really useful for
projects who want to provide packages to their users! A few projects
already use OBS for this but not too many. OBS is not yet perfect for
this. It does have an API and some other tools to make this possible,
but it is not all very polished and can use some debugging. Moreover, it
would be nice if OBS would offer standard 'building blocks' to integrate
it into the download page of projects!

<h3>the milestone</h2>
Our plan for this milestone is to pick an interested project and then
work with them to make OBS 'perfect' for them to distribute their
packages. Of course we develop everything in a generic way and once we
are done, other projects will be able to easily use this same

We've already picked a project, <a
href="";>KMyMoney</a> and
an implementation on the OBS side is done. Once KMyMoney implements it
successfully we can make it available for other projects!

<h2>The openSUSE conference</h2>
Over the last weeks we have moved most of our efforts to organizing <a
href="";>the openSUSE Conference</a>. We're
active in many area's - <a
schedule-available/">from the conference schedule</a> and website to <a

the location</a>. Help would still be welcome, by the way, you <a
still become a volunteer for oSC 2011</a>!
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