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[opensuse-boosters] Re: [membership-officials] New Membership Approval Process in Connect
On 17.06.2011 19:32, Pavol Rusnak wrote:
Good News Everyone!

(the following text applies only to the Membership Approval Team)

As a part of our Boosters sprint we decided to make our Membership
Approval Process much easier and thus effective. You don't need to use
Retro.o.o anymore, everything happens directly inside of the Connect \o/.

The whole process is now concentrated to the one webpage - which is
accessible from this short URL:

Cool, I like the new page! No more switching between users.o.o and retro.

You see several rows, one for each applicant. On the left there is an
avatar, Accept and Decline buttons and validations link button. First
two buttons accept or decline the request, the last one shows popup with
all handy validation links to bugzilla, wiki and so on.

Let's add confirmation popups for the accept and decline actions,
so that one does not hit that links by accident.
For the decline action, I think we should redirect to a seperate page which
shows the users mail adress and the decline reasons of the committee
(to compose the user notification, depending on how we will handle them)

The validation links popup should disappear on mouse out.

The middle part of each row is dedicated to contributions descriptions
that user filled in when applying through the membership widget. If
there were none given it says "No given contributions."

Right area is voting area. You can put your reason into the reason field
and press Thumb up or Thumb down button. When you click on the +N/-N
number you can see already given comments (and you can also delete
yours). After you voted you no longer see Thumbs buttons so you can't
vote again. If you want to change your vote, just delete your comment
and give another one.

Hope this will help to optimise the process which was stalled mainly
because of its complexity.

Suggestions welcome, patches even more so[1] :-)

I'd like to see and order by the date that the user applied for membership.
Another thing I would see useful is a history of accepted/declined users, and
who of the team was doing it.


Thomas Schmidt (tom [at]
openSUSE Boosters Team
"Don't Panic", Douglas Adams (1952 - 11.05.2001)
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