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[opensuse-boosters] Week reports 2011#16-17

Sorry, I forgot to send my report at the beginning of the week for last
week, so I'll bundle that with this week's report :-)

What I did last week:
+ GSoC Administration: meetings for openSUSE and GNOME to select
projects we'll mentor
+ openSUSE Conference: Program Committee meeting
+ RMLL: Catch up on organization of the Communities track (I'm
co-chairing it)
+ GNOME Packages Review: this took most of my time as there was most of
GNOME 3 to review
+ Got two talks accepted at the RMLL (openSUSE packaging,
gobject-introspection); don't know yet about the others.
+ Announced I left the GNOME release team (and completed my last few
action items there).
- Dealt with some brokenness created by travel agency for my Linuxtag
trip (hit three different issues with them for this one time).

What I did this week:
+ GNOME Packages Review: I completed the GNOME 3 review (took longer
than expected), and started catching up with all the other changes
submitted in the last month. I haven't pushed GNOME 3 yet to Factory,
but I might do that during the week-end.
+ GNOME 3.0.1: released my tarballs for upstream release.
+ GSoC Administration: send mails to students, mentors and community
for both openSUSE and GNOME. Took quite some time to get things
right :/
+ RMLL: send approval/rejection mails for talks in the Communities
track, and prepare infrastructure to create the schedule.
+ Investigated if a GNOME hackfest can be organized here in Grenoble or
in Lyon. Not sure it'll be here, but I'd love that!
+ Replied to an interview for the Linuxtag website.
+ Got two talks accepted for the Desktop Summit (one about
upstream/downstream, the second one will be some ramblings).
- Missed the second meeting of the openSUSE Conference Program
Committee: I completely forgot about it :/
- Broke my computer by upgrading to latest Factory/G:F: some sysvinit
issue I didn't have time to debug, but systemd saved my day (after
tweaking things to mount my encrypted /home).

What I will do next week:
+ if not done this week-end, push GNOME 3 to Factory.
+ fix build breakages caused by GNOME 3 update
+ prepare my talks (1 for Solutions Linux, 2 for LinuxTag)
+ finally look at our milestone
+ write the project-wide meeting reminder service
+ realize that I didn't have time to do all of the above


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