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[opensuse-boosters] Bento-Theme implementation approach
  • From: Robert Lihm <rlihm@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 15:21:44 +0100
  • Message-id: <896A716C-FCC6-498D-AD47-BFABE4B4C21C@xxxxxxx>
Hello All,

I would like to share some impressions and thoughts with you about the ongoing bento-theme implementation to

When we decided to create a new look & feel for (aka Umbrella Projekt), I was very happy because this time I saw the chance to avoid the mistakes we did when setting up the current theme.

My plan was to first make a draft along with some mock-ups for the different web applications and to discuss this draft.
Next I planned to assemble a list of requirements and resources the different web applications use in order to be able to create a real "umbrella" for all apps.
Finally I wanted to set up a central server, serving all common images, css and js files and providing a master template and a style guide for all web applications.

Unfortunately the whole project went in a totally different direction, with people implementing an unfinished draft version on several web applications. The "Head first Design"-vison ist gone now.

This is kind of a deja vu for me, because this is very similar to what happened when implementing the current theme. In part this may be my fault, because I did not say "DON'T TOUCH IT, it's still fluid!" at the right moment.

From my point of view we are on track of missing the goal of the umbrella project. Instead of generating a unique theme that can be used on all our web applications we are currently creating a number of totally independent themes that have (more or less) a similar look.

Status Quo is, that the Bento-Theme, especially HTML/CSS/JS/Graphics, is still unfinished. The following is still work in progress:

* CSS classes and ids need to be properly defined
* CSS, JS and graphics need to be organised in a way that every web application can use them from a single source (static.o.o)
* we still need to figure out how to handle 3rd party application specific CSS (e.g. from the wiki and WordPress)
* we need to find a way to consolidate the CSS/JS used in the web apps we develop on our own
* JS needs to be object oriented so it can be used with all applications

I'm afraid that we make the same mistakes we made with the current theme and endup with a big, not maintainable, patchwork- monster-theme.

Thank you for your attention.



PS: Just for the protocol: That we have our sources in two different systems (git/svn) makes me unhappy.


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