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[opensuse-boosters] Standup Meeting 2010/02/16
  • From: Henne Vogelsang <hvogel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 14:05:04 +0100
  • Message-id: <4B7D3B00.4060308@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

This sprint was going from February 4th to February 16th. Even though it
included going to FOSDEM over the weekend we were able to reach one
milestone: Buildservice Project Overview Page (a.k.a. factory.o.o)
hurray! The wiki milestone finally moved forward again and the umbrella
milestone got a new push with limiting it's scope to the Bentoo theme.
All in all a pretty successful sprint!

Miscellaneous Topics

Things that came up, stuff that is happening. Something everybody should
be aware of.
* retrospectiva
Darix is deploying a VM on our HA xen cluster as we speak, the machines
will be boosters.o.o as incubation host for the things we develop and
retro.o.o. AI henne: announce retro.o.o properly

* Internal Stuff
Individual Objectives (Booooooring)

* What to do next?
As one squad is finished with its milestone we talked about how to
continue in this situation. The outcome was that we create a new
milestone (improve the openFATE process) and shuffle people around. The
new squads are:

Wiki: Henne, Tom, Petr, Lubos
Umbrella: Coolo, Robert, Darix, Michal, Pavol
openFATE: Klaas, Vincent, Will, Egbert


Every squad has to stand up and tell the others what they did do in the
last sprint, what they are planing to do in the next sprint and what
blocks them currently.
* factory.o.o squad
We did finish upstream version tracking and with it the whole milestone.
You can see the result at:$PROJECT
so for instance

We plan to announce it properly on and tell people about it. AI: wstephenson

We are blocked by nothing.

* Umbrella
We did add a proof-of-concept API to connect.o.o and generally worked on
it. Thought about group membership request voting (eg. for opensuse
members group). We also deployed a new VM to be able to deploy/incubate
our project. It also serves as host for retrospectiva.

We plan to push the Bento theme to wiki.o.o in cooperation with Frank.
Port software.o.o to bento theme. A couple of Bento problems also need
to be solved. We need to find a solution for wiki specific links and the
left column. We also will start browser testing/debugging. And to be
able to gather contributors for connect.o.o we plan to finish the
deployment and announce it properly.

* Developer Documentation
We did help to prepare the new instance so we can actually transfer
content into it. For this we are making sure that the current content on
wiki.o.o, mainly templates, is functional and follows the various
guidelines of the wiki team. This is proving to be more work than
expected, but it's going forward.

We plan to finish the overhaul of the content and work on some missing
technical features of the wiki like change notification. After this is
finished we plan to finally transfer developer documentation into it.
This shall be the first really useful area in the new instance and serve
as an example of all the new features and processes.

We are blocked by nothing at the moment.
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