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[opensuse-boosters] FOSDEM 2010
  • From: Henne Vogelsang <hvogel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 04 Dec 2009 14:04:41 +0100
  • Message-id: <4B1908E9.50208@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

the FOSDEM Team wants to try something new (i like that!) for the
upcoming instance. Let me just quote the relevant parts of the
announcement mail from Pascal:

The next edition is 6+7 February 2010, and it's also our 10th edition.
As such, we've been reflecting on the evolution of the event (in the
sense that our mission and what it has become is rather a platform for
FOSS projects, much more than just a conference, or at least that's
what we'd like FOSDEM to become), and we are introducing a change
regarding Developer Rooms for distribution projects.

We would like to push the envelope of our mission even further by
organizing something along the lines of a "distribution summit" during
FOSDEM 2010 (incidentally, I had that idea long before I heard of the
"distrosummit" that will be held at, a few weeks before
FOSDEM but hey, it's far away, and FOSDEM is the European event of the
year ;D).

The idea is that rather than having several distributions with their
own respective and individual Developer Room, we will host mixed
conference rooms where talks and sessions will be organized _by
topic_, with contributors from all distributions attending and
To dive into a little more detail:
* 3 (large) rooms will be allocated for that "distro summit"
* sessions will be scheduled by topic (see below)
* every project is welcome to join in :)

Topics are something I need your feedback and ideas on: whatever you
think is appropriate as a topic that is recurring issue for
distributions (governance, feature tracking, trust mechanisms,
ambassadors, ...), or something where you would like to present your
solutions for specific tasks to other distributions (e.g. package
building, translations, bug tracking, community infrastructure, ...),
especially if you're interested in feedback, ideas and collaboration
from and with other projects... we'd love to hear about it :)
The most practical option will be to subscribe to a mailing-list:
And we will be able to discuss details, ideas, as well as the schedule

So far only very little discussion has happened around this topic.
Mostly people expressed that they liked or disliked it. Which is not
really the point i think. Its the FOSDEM's team event. They do all the
hard work and should be the driving force behind how it's organized. If
they want to try something new we should help them succeed. Thats why i
would like to brainstorm a bit about tracks with you and then we can
bring them over to the dist2010 list. Let me start:

1. Build Systems
I would like to see a build system track. Where different distributions
can introduce theirs and the concepts behind it. Including, but not
limited to, how contributions, maintenance, branching, image building
etc are handled. I think this is a great topic for distros to stimulate
each other. I think all of us could do something here for the OBS. From
conceptual talks down to hands one hacking stuff.

I could do a talk about the collaboration features of the OBS and/or one
about our distribution setup in it.

2. Upstream
I would also like to have an Upstream track where the whole
distro<>upstream relation is discussed. Including release cycles,
contributions, alteration etc. Possible contributions from us would be
vuntz/will/lubos talking about how we handle the desktops or we could
get one of the kernel guys to talk about that.

Brainstorm please! :)


Henne Vogelsang, openSUSE.
Everybody has a plan, until they get hit.
- Mike Tyson
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