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[opensuse-boosters] Re: [opensuse-wiki] Concept Proposal for the openSUSE wiki
  • From: Klaas Freitag <freitag@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 11:10:02 +0200
  • Message-id: <200910211110.03039.freitag@xxxxxxx>
Am Donnerstag 15 Oktober 2009 14:48:32 schrieb Rupert Horstkötter:

in context of my employment as openSUSE Community Assistant at, I'm responsible to come up with a reasonable concept for
the openSUSE wiki. Our goal is to clean up the current wiki and
enhance its maintainabilty and consistency, while supporting the
openSUSE community with the concept implementation.
Very cool, thanks for starting that.

Overview/Portal Page

We need a proper Entry page to the openSUSE wiki. The current does not reflect the
character of a documentation ressource. I'm aware of the issue that it
may not be possible to change this particular page due to political
reasons, but what we can certainly do, is introducing an
overview/portal page that is accessible by clicking the link "Wiki" in
the upper left corner of the current startpage (so to speak as a
buffer when accessing the openSUSE wiki).
I do not see any political reasons for a wiki startpage to stay. It can be
changed as required.

This is, from my
perspective, particularly important as we need a central place where
to get started – a place where we categorize/index the existing
content and provide easy access to the Usage Guideline, FAQ, the Wiki
Forum (see below) and related support information.
That's correct but I wonder if that only applies to the Wiki startpage or if
we now and here should think larger scale such as creating a good startpage
on the level.

Usage Guidelines
Full ACK

Sandbox Editing

Currently we have no QA and publishing processes for wiki articles.
I absolutely agree that we need a QA process, but I am unsure if we
should introduce a tight publishing process. It might overwhelm a little
team with publish requests on the one hand, on the other I see trouble
how to deal with the already existing pages.

I think I would further investigate the flagging approach proposed by
Christian Boltz. Not sure if that plugin solves all our issues but for me
it sounds quite good to have pages that have been created as "not
yet proofread" or something and let a Wiki-QA team (how ever that will
look like finally) go through the pages which are not not verified.

OTOH I think it may demotivate people to let them only work in a sandbox.

Namespace "new-wiki"
Doesn't that simply make two wikis out of one? That has great potential to
end up in confusion if the transition from old to new is not going really fast.

Again, I think a well thought through Flagging may serve us better.

Minor/Major Editing
Same as above...
With the flagging idea, this would translate in
- Minor edits do not change the flag of a page
- Major edit raise a flag "Unverified changes, use at your own risk".

Semantic MediaWiki
Sounds very promising.

Wiki Team

We need to strengthen the existing Wiki Team with openSUSE community
members. Furthermore we need to define the role and responsibility of
a Wiki Team Member.
Sure, and I think having a defined way how people can contribute to the Wiki
and how members of the Wiki team can ensure quality is attractive to many
potential contributors.

The major responsibility therefore is not to write articles but to
take care of the proper operation of the wiki in a moderating,
assisting and supporting capacity.
Wise words :-)

Thanks Rupert,

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