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[opensuse-board] Re: RFC: openSUSE hosting SLA

On 3/14/2012 at 06:34 AM, Lars Vogdt <lrupp@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi @ll

From time to time, I hear some rumor about the infrastructure in
openSUSE - and people asking questions about "who does what and why" and
"who is responsible"...

From my point of view, we should work on this "problem" and provide
answers for those that like to join and/or help. => Let's call it an
"openSUSE infrastructure project" including documentation and
(maybe) mentor-ship.

In the last years I collected the following questions:
* who is responsible for a server/service ?
* how to reach those people ?
* what are they doing ?
* what are the rules if I want to provide an own service and get some
"openSUSE hosting" ?

Hopefully I'm not go out on a limb with the attached document, but I
like to clarify some of the questions above with an "Service Level
Agreement" between the openSUSE Community and the parts of my team that
are responsible for the services/servers that are located in Nuremberg.

Please send your comments and explanatory notes directly to me (or on

If everyone is fine with this draft, I like to place it somewhere in
the wiki and write an generic announcement to the community in the next
2 weeks.


The last project meeting, the following topic was raised by a community member:

Failing infrastructure: how can we track failures & remove impediments about
contributions. (tigerfoot) During the last months, we've got especially on
week-ends failures in wikis, mailing list, forums, bugzilla, obs. A big chunk
of our contributors have free time during week-end. Can we improve the
situation, like pre-announcing cleary maintenance period? Have a "crisis" cell
able to push quickly and rapidly informations (emails,forums,websites,irc
channels). Can we try to find a right balance between maintenance needs, and
availability during off business hours? (Editing this sample part take me 10
tries, on a 28 hours range ...)

Check the log to see the concerns raised.


With kind regards,

Lars Vogdt <Lars.Vogdt@xxxxxxxx>
- OPS Engineering Services Teamlead -
SUSE Linux Products GmbH - GF: Jeff Hawn, Jennifer Guild, Felix
Imend├Ârffer Maxfeldstra├če 5, 90409 Nuernberg, Germany - HRB 16746 (AG

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