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Re: [opensuse-autoinstall] autoyast hangs when "package selection" is checked on suse 11.1
  • From: Jim Faulkner <james.faulkner@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 12:45:46 -0400 (EDT)
  • Message-id: <alpine.LRH.2.00.0907241215410.16758@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Fri, 24 Jul 2009, Katarina Machalkova wrote:

Hmm, anything interesting in the logs? What does tail of /var/log/YaST2/y2log
show when it hangs?
Isn't there any other process accessing libzypp (pkg management library) at
the same time, holding an exclusive lock? (e.g. updater applet ...). Anyway,
y2logs will be really helpful here.

No, I don't think there would be any other programs holding a lock. My testing machine is at runlevel 3, so X is not running at all. However, as I stated in my message earlier today, when I left it running overnight, I was able to successfully generate a reference profile.

The logs are very confusingly timestamped. At some point y2log was rotated, however its difficult to tell when. I don't know if y2log is timestamped in the local time zone (which is EDT), UTC, or something else.

There are also strange gaps in the logs. I started the run of autoyast at about 16:50 EDT, however there are no log entries between 15:42 and 19:41, which is precisely where the rotated y2log-1 ends and the current y2log begins. I don't know if some data was lost in the log rotating process, but I am sure that I started creating the reference profile at about 16:50 EDT, because the machine was rebooted at 16:43.

I believe that the reference profile finished generating at timestamp 2009-07-23 21:17:42 in y2log. The timestamps that follow that (2009-07-24 11:03:28) are accurate for EDT because that's when I got in and saved the reference profile.

Here is the rotated log:
here is the current log:

The generated reference profile is also pretty strange. There are many duplicate packages and patterns in the <software> section. Here's some sample lines from the file:
<remove-packages config:type="list">

The full generated profile is here:

Despite the fact that I was able to generate a reference profile, I'll probably need some additional assistance. I generated the profile on a testing machine with standard patterns installed, the machine I really need the reference profile for has many more packages installed (close to all available packages on the retail DVD). I had thought that I left autoyast running on that machine overnight as well, however when I save the profile on that machine, it basically empty, only 258 bytes. I'll start a run of autoyast on it and follow up with more info.

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