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Re: [opensuse-autoinstall] insmod modules not considered?
  • From: Frank Steiner <fsteiner-mail1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 12:03:13 +0200
  • Message-id: <49D1EA61.302@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Steffen Winterfeldt wrote

Nyes. The point is 'before hardware detection' (== linuxrc's hardware
detection). And that is still true. The 'insmod' option is there to load
modules that otherwise wouldn't and to be of any use this should be done
before linuxrc checks the hardware.

Ok, that was just a bit confusing because of the two different hardware
detections, udev and linuxrc :-)

Maybe you can return the now inofficial debug-feature into an official

Oh, it's officially documented at :-)

I missed that docu, sorry :-) I just meant that an option like "linuxrc.debug"
sounds like it could vanish without notice from one release to the other,
because it's not a real feature but just debugging stuff... You get what I mean

(so that we are sure it's kept) "let the user do whatever he wants" feature
for SLES12. E.g. a linuxrc option "preins=e100" which loads the e100 module

Something like that. Maybe 'insmod' just needs to be evaluated earlier. I'll
keep it in mind.

Thanks for caring!
Btw, with the debug option everything now works fine again for our servers!


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