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autoinstall suddenly fails
  • From: "T. Ribbrock" <admin_slox-e@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 13:55:06 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <20060103135451.GM14487@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi all,

I just ran into a bizzare problem: I'm currently creating/testing our
auto-install, hence, I'm re-running it many, many times on two PCs.
So far, I always used a floppy with "info" and "autoinst.xml" and a copy
of CD 1 to boot. I would then select "Install", the installer would find
"info" on the floppy and the rest would happen magically from there. In
fact, I have reinstalled the second of the two PCs that way just

Today, however, I'm trying to reinstall the first PC - and am getting
nowhere. It starts the install, I can see the message "searching for
info file" (or suchlike) on the screen and the floppy drive spins up.
Then it proceeds into the graphical installer (my auto-install uses
text-only) and prepares for auto-installation (so it *must* have found
the info file as such) - but hangs, asking for a profile for the
machine. If I give "floppy:///autoinst.xml" as answer to that, it will
happily continue, though it tries to install from CD-ROM (instead of via
network, as defined in the info file). If I choose "Network Install"
manually right at the start, I can get the autoinstall working.

It looks as if it *does* find 'info' on the floppy (hence starts in
auto-install mode), but for some odd reasons refuses to read the actual
contents. I'm completely puzzled as to why this would happen, as I have
installed that very machine several times that way.

Hence, if there is anyone out there with a brainwave as to where to look
to fix (or even just investigate) this, I'd be most grateful...



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