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Re: [suse-autoinstall] SLES9: New networkcard and eht-id. Not really a autoyast
  • From: "Hans Kamm" <hans753@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 18:14:27 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <BAY12-F374797041184B8B13677C6EA860@xxxxxxx>

autoyast write the UNIQUE information during install!
The problem is:
1. System is running and installed.
2. I add a new card to the server.
3. Using yast to set the new card config => yast didn't write UNIQUE.

My idea was, that autoyast probably does something wrong. But this isn't an autoyast problem, anyway I' ll check the problem with SP1.


From: Martin Vidner <mvidner@xxxxxxx>
To: Hans Kamm <hans753@xxxxxxxxxxx>
CC: suse-autoinstall@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [suse-autoinstall] SLES9: New networkcard and eht-id. Not really a autoyast
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 09:59:09 +0100

On Mon, Jan 17, 2005 at 08:35:53PM +0100, Hans Kamm wrote:
> Hi,
> off topic:
> okay, but how to add a card to the system with UNIQUE?
> When I use yast it didn't work. There should be a way to create such a ID
> or even better yast should create it the same way it does during install.

hwinfo (hwinfo --netcard) shows it as Unique ID: lgGW.8+JGOf3W7j3
If autoyast doesn't write UNIQUE, that is a bug. I'll check.

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