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RE: [suse-autoinstall] applying patches
On Tue, 2002-08-27 at 04:23, Kugelberg, Thorsten wrote:
> Hello,
> I do not want to criticise your script, but:
> No only one little thing,
> to have the same sytax as the file on the DVD I just turned
> requires="$requires $req" into requires="$req $requires"
> and
> provides="$provides $prov" into provides="$prov $provides"
> Another thing I was wondering about, If there are two entries called
> aaa-base, which one is installed? Or are both installed?
> Reason for my question:
> There is always an entry for the foo.rpm and for foo.src.rpm with the entry
> RpmName: foo
> Wouldn`t it be better do change 'for pkg in `find $ser -name "*.rpm"`; do' to
> something like 'for pkg in `find $ser -name "*.rpm" | grep -v "src.rpm"` to ger rid of the SRCRPMs?
> Just thinking...

This script was written a while ago and I have never used it again
since. It is neither official nor supported :-)
I put the script online just to give you an idea on how to create the
common.pkd file. Change as you like as long as it works for you.


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