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[opensuse-artwork] Suggestions for 13.1
  • From: Richard Brown <RBrownCCB@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 13:53:58 +0000
  • Message-id: <>
Hi Team,

So, 12.3 has been released to positive reviews, and our artwork in
particular seems to have gone down well

So lets start the discussion about what we're going to do for 13.1

Schedule - For 12.3, we didn't do a great job at getting stuff done at
the right stage for proper testing and feedback by the distribution.
Let's see if we can turn that around this time for 13.1
Coolo is yet to publish the 'official' 13.1 timeline, but my
expectation is that with the release penned in for November, we want
the artwork pretty much finished by Sept 31

Personally, I prefer the approach of 'release early and often', and I
would love it if we're able to get something in to factory before the
first Milestone (which I'd estimate to be in May), so we can
constantly receive feedback and iteratively improve as the development
of 13.1 moves forward - it worked even with the accelerated schedule
for 12.3, I imagine it would work even better with 13.1

Colour / Palette - The decision to 'go dark' and use green as a
highlight rather than a base colour seems to have gone down well. I
think we should stick with it.

In previous releases, we've been keen to dramatically change our
colour schemes with new releases

Given that the KDE team have used the same colours in their theme, and
are unlikely to want to do a major retheme for 13.1, plus the
possibility that GNOME will be using a new theme also based on the
same colours, I strongly suggest that we don't do a dramatic palette
change for 13.1

My recommendation would be to stick with the existing colours we used
in 12.3, or to pick colours that compliment and co-exist with those
currently in use.

This will also cut down a lot of the polishing work for stuff like
GRUB2's theme - I like the idea of being able to reuse as much of what
we did for 12.3 as possible :)

I would like to see us also be able to offer a 'light' version of the
default wallpaper, because dark clearly isn't to everyone's taste -
doing this while still being true to everything I just said might be a
challenge, but shouldn't be impossible :)

Design - The 'minimalist' approach in 12.3 went down well.

Having a largely plain background with a single graphical element was
a bold choice which I'd like us to consider sticking with for 13.1

This also enabled us to do the fancy Grub > Plymouth > Default
Wallpaper fade-in transition which seems to have gone down very well
with our users and reviewers. I think we should keep doing that, I
know we talked about not tying all 3 together in the past, but we got
it so right with 12.3, I think we should push to do it again for 13.1

Obviously, we probably don't want to stick with the vine idea (or do
we?), so I'd suggest something equally organic (trees? leaves?), or
perhaps something more abstract, circles, shapes..I dunno, but I do
think we should be careful to keep it simple, and not have too many
visual elements which may seem overwelming after 12.3's very clean and
crisp aesthetic

(the Twitter and Google+ covers are a good example of what I think
would NOT be a good idea for 13.1 - while they work great as Social
Media covers, they're awfully busy, and I do think we're on a good
thing with much 'quieter' wallpapers)

Alternative Wallpapers - This time around, hopefully we can get folk
to submit wallpapers in the correct formats (png/svg) and at the
appropriate aspect ratios (5:4, 4:3, 16:9, 16:10), and with the
appropriate licenses of course, so that I can package them up so we
can offer our users a full selection of designs from the team, rather
than just the one that forms the basis for the Bootloader, bootsplash,
and default wallpaper.

Generally, I suppose my thoughts for 13.1 are "we did 12.3 well, why
don't we learn from what we didn't do right, and build upon what we
did" rather than our approach in previous releases which I feel has
been more of a "start from scratch" each time.

What do you all think?
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