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Re: [opensuse-artwork] RFC: Flickr instructions
Rajko 01/09/13 4:32 AM >>>
What is dictating vector graphics?

There are 2 categories of factors that dictate openSUSE's current use of Vector
graphics for branding

1) Historical
For years, openSUSE has used vector graphics for branding, and a large amount
of tooling to make the packaging process easier has been developed to make use
of that fact

Most important, the Make process that takes the contents of the Branding Github
repo and turns it into a tar.gz file for use in the branding-openSUSE package
currently requires SVG files

You can learn more about the Make process by reading and understanding which is the code in

Without this makefile, we would need to manually generate dozens of files in
dozens of different formats at dozens of different aspect ratios and
resolutions - it would be a huge amount of work, and so far I've seen no one
prepared to do it (I certainly am not)

In my eyes, the sensible route forward if people want Raster format, someone
needs to put the work in to make the process at least as painless as the
current one, which would probably mean a dramatic rewrite of the Makefile
linked above.

However, even if someone did all that work (and in doing so make Raster a
viable option for the distribution), my personal preference is still for Vector
because of..

2) Practical
Vector graphics are infinitely easier to scale, from the tiniest resolutions to
the highest.

The elements are all easy to move, which is of critical important when you
think we currently support 4 different aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, 16:10 and
5:4), all of which often require subtle differences in order to make a design
'look' right
Simple cropping is NOT good enough in most cases, and we need to make sure
we're doing our best to support EVERY resolution out there at every aspect
ratio that makes sense - that's hard to do unless you're making Rasters at what
I would consider to be 'stupid' resolutions (3000+ in each dimension)

the ease of managing, modifying, and reusing the elements is also important
when wanting to create marketing materials based on the distribution branding -
yes, this is something we keep on saying we dont want to do any more, but in
the absence of a version neutral marketing artwork, then we're still likely to
keep on basing stuff on the Distribution version, and so this benefit of SVG's
really comes into play

It's also a simple case of flexibility - some applications require SVG, most
support Raster, by creating the core artwork in SVG we can easily convert to
Raster when needed, but use SVG when possible - this doesn't work the other way
around, it's not viable to convert Raster art into proper vectors (and no,
embedding raster in SVG's does not count)

I hope that clears things up

PS. that readme file I linked provides further info for your other question
about Workflow

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