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[opensuse-artwork] Re: [opensuse-conference] final poster
On Sun, May 20, 2012 at 7:57 AM, Jos Poortvliet <jos@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Saturday 19 May 2012 08:58:01 andi robert wrote:
Since there have been some changes to the poster idea. Please let us
know what's in your minds. Also, have a clear cut message. Way, if you
need us to work on something, we know what direction to go.

Basically I am asking the thread to define their request and have us
work on it, if necessary.


Andy (anditosan)

What I read from Michael are the following:
- it should not say 'openSUSE Conference'.

I would be happy to call the whole thing LinuxDays*, then say something like
what I said before - "4 conferences, 1 location" or so.

I called it Linux days. See if it works for you.

- the logo's should be made to fit
I think Michal meant the logo's should be more like in my mockup, fitting
the design more.

- the colors are icky :D
This one is hard to solve as that's the core of the idea... But it could be
possible to simply try to take the exact colors Andy Warholl used in his
Marilyn thing.

That's what I tried this time around and, to me, it still is hard to
show "punch" with it. But take a look anyway.

I made a version of the SVG which incorporates these comments, albeit not
exactly perfect.. Removed the gradients from the Gentoo logo to make it look
less plastiky, made the SUSE Labs one fit in better (no text) and fixed the
name & link on the bottom ( is now there).

Working with the Gentoo logo for this poster is really hard. It does
not fit the "natural" feeling that you get from the other logos.
Gentoo's is a letter.

Not done:
* I don't have the pretty background Anditosan used in his earlier version I
used for the mockup so Anditosan will have to add that himself.
* I didn't try to fix the colors. I really can't - andy and possibly michael
will have to try that one :D

The source is in github

Better, Michal?


* because LinuxDays is the most generic one AND I expect they will attract
most visitors.

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