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[opensuse-artwork] Re: [opensuse-project] Dream openSUSE Initiative
Hi Andi,

I'm curious, what exactly is the intended goal of this initiative?

If it is about changing the default settings in an effort to improve usability,
how do you intend to implement any changes which are identified as necessary by
this initiative?
Doesn't this seem to be a little weird coming from the artwork team?

To me, default settings of a desktop environment is probably something better
investigated and implemented by the various maintainers of openSUSE's different

I really do not like the idea of KDE, GNOME, XFCE, LXDE, etc all sharing common
defaults without very good reason and acceptance of all the teams involved.
We have different environments for a reason, they attract different users with
different needs, we should embrace those differences.
I know in the GNOME team for example, we spend a lot of time discussing and
collaboratively deciding on what we believe to be the best range of settings
for our users, based on our own knowledge of the environment as well as user
An initiative like this seems to be treading on the toes of the work already
done by our GNOME, KDE, and other DE maintainers.

Furthermore, some of the 'proposals' already on the wiki look like they're
calling for some pretty major work (new notifications?), who do you foresee
picking up and doing this sort of work? are we likely to be able to get such
changes submitted upstream?

I don't mean to sound like I'm slamming this, I'm know you're trying to do
something cool and help out, but I'm very confused how the art team is
expecting to carry this initiative forward.. apologies for clearly not
understanding the proposal when it was raised in our team meeting and now
having to bring my confusion to the mailing lists


andi robert 01/30/12 7:24 PM >>>
Hello my dear friends

The artwork team recently had a meeting in which a couple of ideas
were proposed. One of them is the Dream openSUSE Initiative. The idea
behind this proposal is to have a wider understanding of what a
desktop environment is for each of our users. All of us work with
openSUSE and many time we tweak and change our graphical environments
to fit our particular needs, we would like to know about these changes
that you have made to your graphical environment under openSUSE to
better determine what defaults work for our users. We are currently
gathering these screenshots here

The steps to be part of this investigative initiative are as follow

Set up your computer desktop they way you want it
Take a screeshot
Submit your screenshot at our wiki

Note: If your changes, settings or tweaks are not readily visible,
show us a screenshot of your settings managers or explain the settings
changes that you have made. This initiative is not about artwork as
much as it is about usability among our members. Therefore, when
submitting screenshots, make sure that your special usability settings
are also noticeable.

Note: The wiki page is not perfect, of you feel inclined to make
changes to it, please do so. :D

Andy (anditosan)
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