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Re: [opensuse-artwork] Re: The awesome Flyer v4
On 07.10.2011 jdd wrote:
After some digging on the flyer, I found some things to make better
(as content) - for example the user part speaks too much of video and
do not speak about photo, when we are pretty week on video and great
on photos :-(

the artwork is extremely sofisticated. Great work, indeed! But I fear
it do not fit our needs now.

In fact it's too much sticked to the 11.4 artwork/background, so
tight that it's bearly as difficult to make it more all purpose than
to make directly an other one.

I really think we should go the other way round: begin with a content
(we nearly have it, with minor edits), then make a very simple
document to be printed black and white on cheap printer. For example,
never use part of the text white and part black! one of them will
desapear too easily :-)

Yeah, let's start a new flyer! After failing to create and starting from
scratch 4 times already this year! I'm sure it will work this time!

Wait, no, it won't. Please fix this one instead. It is 95% done and I've
already printed 3000 of them. Every small fix or improvement you make
will make it to 'the market' in a few weeks as I print flyers every
month or so. A new one will take more than a year to finish (or, most
likely, NEVER finish).

You're unhappy about these, that's great. Fix them. Source's online.
Bruno's A4 version needs minor improvements, same with the LEGAL EPS
file. I will keep printing the latest versions from git so if you want
to make a difference for openSUSE marketing materials, please fix
something small in one of them and simply commit the fix.

then go on and make a one for color paper (may be the same one?).
Make one for color print on white paper with cheap printer (color
printing on color paper is way too difficult)

then make a professional one to be printed on professional color
printer, still all purpose (no specific distro version)

and then only, if we have the budget, make one distro-specific

This should make the total work lesser (make house with bricks)

Starting from scratch is not less work, really. Please, your idea is
great - but why can't you use the text we wrote (see the ODT) and the
rough layout and use that to get it done faster?

More importantly, think about translation. The problem we have is that
we will have MANY versions:


With a B&W and color and pro color version that's already 6 things. I'm
OK with it but then someone (you, it is your idea) has to send the ODT
file with the text to ambassadors around the world for translation and
put the translations back into all 6.

I hope you have a few weeks fulltime for us in the next month? Serious,
that's too much work. Let's first get SOMETHING FINISHED before we start
new things, please!

So please, fix things in the A4 and the Legal one. I still haven't seen
a version of the EPS converted PROPERLY to SVG. Once that is done we can
fix the rest of the problems and start translating.


Sorry, I got a bit frustrated seeing someone (seem to) suggest to start
the flyer thing over again. It's been one year, we lost thousands of
euro's because we couldn't finish any flyer in time... Now we have a
reasonably good one, and I hate to see us trow it away and start with a
new future-failure :(
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