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Re: [opensuse-artwork] On using bitmaps for artwork
On 10/02/2011 04:47 PM, Marcus Moeller wrote:
Dear Pascal.

We need a banner for the countdown to 12.1.

So I had a look at what's there so far, specifically Marcus'
great work on the 12.1 wallpaper ... and it's a bitmap :(

Look, I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings but, really, use
Inkscape or let it be :\

There are many problems with using bitmapped files (PNG, JPEG,
* they don't scale properly, it becomes blurred and unreadable,
or pixelated
* they are not reusable, at all, it's a one-shot:
- nobody can make any modifications
- it cannot be reused in parts or adapted (e.g. for the
countdown banners)

Especially since we're working in a team, in an open source
project, creating work that cannot be reused or adapted by
others is defeating the whole point.

PNGs are exactly the same as binary RPM packages: better than
nothing, but not open source, as they cannot be adapted for
technical reasons.

Not everything is possible with Inkscape, so sometimes bitmaps make sense. If
so, they shoud be provided in high resolution, and
that's how it's done for the 12.1 artwork.

A bitmap will be useless for that kind of stuff too, as it
cannot be re-rendered in the appropriate resolution, not be
modified or used in parts, etc...

For me, marketing material, should not make use of distro artwork (branding
etc.) and should be free scalable. That's how we did
it e.g. for the recent conference posters.

The issue for the countdown banner, specifically, is that it has
to be SVG and include placeholders for the localized text and
amount of remaining days in it. It is processed by a script and
then rendered as PNGs using inkscape's batch mode.
Furthermore, I can't just use the wallpaper as the background
because it needs to be reworked to have the key design elements
of it fit into 400x400, 256x256 and 130x130 pixels :\

Banners are something special. They might contain distro artwork, but they do
not have to, essentially.

So we could either reuse the old ones (which contain elements of the 11.3
artwork, but in darker color), we could prepare new
ones based on the upcoming artwork, or we can make something neutral.


I can only share Pascal vision, sorry if it's not done in a format that permit
translation, modification, it's just not done.

Markus, excuse me but that kind of sentence
"For me, marketing material, should not make use distro artwork ..."
is something I can't afford. wtf are we or want we create that artwork team,
or just let play individuals with their pencils ?

Don't misunderstand me, any work done is good, but you have to understand also
what we all want.
I vote yes for green, but it was for the svg Richard made. why because I know
that we can reuse it and adapt it to pretty any
kind of material we will need.

Art, design, video, are really time consuming and so need some plans.
I only hope we are preparing 12.2

yes 12.2 next July


Bruno Friedmann
Ioda-Net Sàrl

openSUSE Member & Ambassador
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