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Re: [opensuse-artwork] Tumbleweed artwork?
On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 01:10:45PM -0300, Jos Poortvliet wrote:
On 2011-04-18 Jos wrote:
On 2011-04-18 Andrew wrote:
Hi Javier,

On 17 April 2011 22:52, Javier Llorente <javier@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Greg,

El Jueves, 14 de Abril de 2011 20:57:02 Greg KH escribió:
Hi Javier,

Rumor has it that you are working on some tumbleweed artwork
that I could use for the release and/or presentations that I
give on the topic?

If so, any hints on when it would be done? If not, any hints on
how to get this created?

Well, I have created a draft

Looks pretty good (as always ;-) ). My only question is whether we
should have some form of Geeko in the middle or somewhere near by.

Keep it simple :D

I think it's a nice, stylish logo. What I don't know is if it fits in
the usual openSUSE logo's - they are usually a bit more glossy, this
is more minimal. But don't rely on me when it comes to artwork
judging skills...

Just a ping on this, I might've missed part of the confersation - but
Javier, did you make any progress on this? The logo you made would work
fine for me, btw, I can put it in my presentations if you're not
confident you don't have time to really come up with something much

I would really love it if we could at least use the "SUSE" font for the
wording, that would tie it in better.


greg k-h
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