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Re: [opensuse-artwork] TM/R - and openSUSE / Geeko
El Miércoles, 20 de Abril de 2011 14:38:03 Andreas Jaeger escribió:
I received some comments from our corporate marketing team and they noticed
* openSUSE must have a registered trademark symbol (R)

Must openSUSE have ® or ™?

* There must also be a registered trademark symbol (R) next to the geeko
image. Typically this is placed small, next to its front foot. (Attached is
a PDF of how the openSUSE and geeko logo is supposed to appear. They don't
have to be stacked on top of each other as the PDF shows, but the attached
file shows how the registered trademark symbols are to appear.)

It seems that we're not consistent in this usage.

Is there any wiki page that documents the above? Please update them and
tell me which ones they are!

AFAIK, here:

Javier Llorente
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