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Re: [opensuse-arm] RPi2, Tumbleweed and "official" 7" RPi touchscreen
Robert Kaiser schrieb:
That said, I now have acquired the "official" RPi 7" touchscreen to use
with a second RPi2, and it actually displays the text console nicely on
first boot of the Build 385 JeOS image, but on second boot it stays
completely black (not even the backlight is on). In addition, the
network interface also does not come up (same as on first boot), so the
build gets completely unusable for me.

Some positive news: In the current 2016.03.25 image both the screen and the ethernet port work now, even on second boot! \o/

I now have an minimal LXQt desktop running on that screen, with Firefox to show a web-based dashboard (if I could boot into a Firefox right away and have some kind of windowmanager so "popup" windows work, I wouldn't even need a desktop environment to run, I usually just want to display some web-based UI).

That said, once the display actually shows stuff, the second question
will be the touch input - if the rpi-ft5406 driver available in the
kernel right now?

I see I can modprobe it and then lsmod lists it, so it seems to exist. Need to play with how to actually get it working with Xorg, though.

Robert Kaiser

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