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Re: [opensuse-arm] u-boot+EFI: how to debug grub2?

On 13.03.16 12:30, Alexander Graf wrote:

Am 13.03.2016 um 11:56 schrieb Matwey V. Kornilov


I am trying to boot on Phytec Wega board (TI AM33xx based) with
u-boot+EFI+grub2 and just see

Booting `openSUSE-Tumbleweed-ARM-JeOS-wega [ VMX ]'

Loading linux.vmx...
Loading initrd.vmx...

and then board is rebooted after some time (I think, by watchdog).
I am sure that kernel console parameter is correct.

Before EFI was introduced to u-boot, I had booted this board
successfully. Is there a simple way to somehow understand what is going
wrong here?

My guess is that the device tree doesn't get loaded. Do you see a warning
about it on serial? Try to add a line in grub2 to manually select the device

Press e (edit current entry)
at the end, add a new line saying "devicetree /boot/dtb/foo.dtb"
Press ctrl-x (or f10) to boot

If that makes it work, the default U-Boot environment does not set the
"fdtfile" variable. Add it to the env (in your board header) and you should
be set :).

If that still doesn't help, try to add an earlycon parameter to the
kernel command line. If that still doesn't show you anything at all, you
can grab the kernel log_buf using md.b from the u-boot command line
after reset, but let's see whether you get to the kernel log / fix the
issue without that first :).

If you want to debug grub efi specifics, you can do

Press e (edit current entry)
at the top, add a new line saying "set debug=all"
Pres ctrl-x (or f10) to boot

That should give you all the glorious details from grub2 on what exactly
it's doing.

Also, the reset "after some time" could be 2 things. It could either be
the watchdog or it could be Linux in a panic handler resetting after 90
seconds. How long does it take for the board to reset?

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