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Re: [opensuse-arm] perl-Bootloader still needed?
Alexander Graf wrote:
On 05.03.16 13:38, Michael Ströder wrote:
I'd like to completely get rid of perl on my systems.
Hence my question:
Is package perl-Bootloader still needed on raspberry pi systems for kernel
updates or similar?

I'm not sure you'll be able to rip perl out of the system completely,
even if you uninstall perl-Bootloader. Last time I tried I faced a good
number of dependencies.

On my system perl-Bootloader is the only dependency which needs perl.

I'm currently working on moving us to EFI based images with u-boot. Once
that hits the tree, you would want to have perl-Bootloader (or at least
some code calling grub2-mkconfig) to make sure the grub.cfg is properly

perl is a pretty big dependency just for creating one text file. :-(

Ciao, Michael.

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