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[opensuse-arm] Booted openSUSE 13.1 on Beagle Bone Black

I have just successfully booted openSUSE 13.1 JeOS on my beagle bone
black instance (see /var/log/messages at [1]). I am not sure that all
peripherals are working, but I am able to communicate by Ethernet.
Sure, I will check what is not working later. My working project is
located at [2].

1) u-boot-am335xevm

I had to add patch to u-boot to make am335 to read bootscript. I sent
SR to Base:System (and It is already accepted). I can easily sent this
SR to 13.1:Ports.

2) dtb-am335x

I had to patch existing dtb-source 3.12.5 to kernel master. So, no
further patches are required for Factory, provided we will have kernel
3.13+ for 13.2. I can also SR to 13.1:Ports.

3) kernel

This boots with kernel-default-3.11, but I had to apply 9 patches to
make it work (look at kernel-source is at [3]):

2 of them are to fix ethernet module
7 of them are to fix DMA

All of this patches are back-ports from upstream kernel. Provided we
have kernel 3.13+ for 13.2, no patches are required for Factory. It is
quite unlikely that our kernel teem will agree to apply 9 patches to
openSUSE 13.1 kernel branch.

4) kiwi

I have strange issue with kiwi, because I have to open my first
partition and copy files from / to /boot directory manually before
booting. Kiwi moves u-boot.bin and others from /boot to /, but u-boot
looks for /boot/u-boot.bin


With best regards,
Matwey V. Kornilov
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