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Re: [opensuse-arm] kernel update for 13.1 ARM images

On 13.12.2013, at 15:50, Guillaume Gardet <guillaume.gardet@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Le 13/12/2013 15:40, Guillaume Gardet a écrit :
Le 13/12/2013 15:13, Alexander Graf a écrit :
On 13.12.2013, at 12:33, Guillaume Gardet <guillaume.gardet@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Dirk,
Hi Alex,

My patches are accepted in openSUSE GIT kernel repo so, we can get kernel
update from Kernel:openSUSE-13.1 project to 13.1:Ports.

Could you do it, please, since I have not the rights to proceed?
As the kernel does get built already as part of the Kernel:openSUSE-13.1
project, couldn't we just add that repo to the kiwi description and always
have the latest kernel included that way?
It is fine for me, but for consistency, we should add this repo to our
images to get future updates from this repo. No?

I just noticed that armv6 and aarch64 builds fine but armv7 never built! No
armv7 folder in download repo. Probably in scheduled state forever.

Hrm, Adrian, any idea what's going wrong here?

I would copy the kernel into the Ports repo straight away, but it's very
complicated to do. You need to somehow copy the package, create all the links,
configure some metadata to keep version numbers in sync between the individual
packages so that the devel packages match. I only know half of what needs to be
done here.


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