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[opensuse-arm] Re: Status of Raspberry Pi for openSUSE
On Tue, 6 Aug 2013, Andrew Wafaa wrote:

I completely understand people's complaints of this decision and it is a valid concern. Problem is we only have a limited pool of resource, openSUSE operates a roll your sleeve up methodology - if you want it bad enough, roll your sleeves up and just do it. There is work already started in supporting the Raspberry Pi, and I'm 100% sure that those involved would be more than happy for all the help they get, and would be willing to help those trying to move the effort forward.

I now started a bit for Raspberry Pi:

I reduced the error messages a bit.

Now the JeOS-raspberrypi image says following:

1) I have no idea what these errors mean and how they can be solved:

nothing provides ERROR_NO_BOOT_CONFIG_FILE_FOUND needed by
nothing provides ERROR_NO_DEPENDENCIES_FOUND needed by

2) These I don't understand. Even if the packages are blocked for build, there are old packages which should be taken!

nothing provides kernel-raspberrypi, nothing provides raspberrypi-firmware,

3) Following probably due to rebuild issues in main repo and will be resolved when build proceeds (2.37.3 mismatches 2.37.4).

nothing provides libgio-2_0-0 = 2.37.3 needed by gio-branding-openSUSE,
nothing provides qemu-tools needed by virt-utils,
conflict for provider of gio-branding = 2.37.4 needed by libgio-2_0-0,
(provider gio-branding-upstream is conflicted by installed

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