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Re: [opensuse-arm] Status of Raspberry Pi for openSUSE
On 01-08-2013 17:33, Michael Ströder wrote:
Andrew Wafaa wrote:
What I had said was openSUSE's focus
is on ARMv7 and above. There is nothing stopping people from helping
get support for v6 up and running, just that it won't be done as part
of the core port. I would love to see openSUSE on every device out
there, but there are only a small number of people doing the work so
the work needs to be prioritised.

I can understand very well that resources are limited.

But I'd like to know why Raspberry Pi is low-priority despite its big community?
What was the reason for openSUSE to focus on ARMv7?

The main reason is that both physical and human resources are limited. ARMv6 is used almost solely by the Pi, ARMv5 has numerous devices, but both are old. ARMv7 is the current architecture and with a new port it made sense to look at current and next release of the architecture. So this means ARMv7 and ARMv8.

Most new devices, whether they be development boards, servers or PCs and especially mobile devices like tablets are all v7. The market dictates where we focus. We are not saying openSUSE will not support ARMv6, just that it is not being done as part of the core ARM porting effort as we are struggling with what we have targeted let alone anything new. This message has been clear from the outset of the porting effort that was started over 2 years ago.

Regarding help I'd be willing to help in details or with certain packages. But
only very few people can do something about the OBS infrastructure.

As said I'm lurking on this in the hope to get some directions how to use the
Raspberry Pi with a repo which receives updates. But I'm totally confused
about all the ARM-related repos popping up.

Ciao, Michael.
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