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Re: [opensuse-arm] Kernel omap2plus config - Add TI dsp bridge driver

On 08.03.2012, at 14:27, Takashi Iwai wrote:

At Wed, 7 Mar 2012 18:58:44 +0100,
Alexander Graf wrote:

On 07.03.2012, at 18:54, Guillaume Gardet <guillaume.gardet@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Le 06/03/2012 23:40, Alexander Graf a écrit :
On 06.03.2012, at 15:12, Guillaume Gardet wrote:


would it be possible to enable the TI dspbridge (staging) driver in the
omap2plus kernel config, please ? As a module, not as built-in.


It will enable the use of the integrated DSP in the Texas Instrument SoC.
At least the kernel part. Then we could try to package the userspace part.
Sure, I enabled that config and also all OMAP SND options I found along
the way ;). It might take a while for the change to trickle from the
kernel git to Factory though.

I think something goes wrong:

Hmm Takashi does that ring a bell?

The driver has an incomplete dependency on
CONFIG_SND_OMAP_SOC_OMAP4_HDMI. You'd need either to build all
CONFIG_SND into kernel or to make CONFIG_OMAP2_DSS=m.

Hmm we need DSS for the fb, which really wants to live =y in the kernel. So I
suppose the only way out would be to compile SND as =y too. Bleks.

Would it be enough to just ditch HDMI output?


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