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Re: [opensuse-arm] openSUSE on Beagleboard xM
On Saturday 25 February 2012, Marcus Schäfer wrote:
The start sectors are aligned to be %8 clean and the to the cylinder
boundary. So far I did not had any trouble with that setup on 4G
SD cards (did not try on 8G cards though). For MLO loading I think
only the start address might matter... not sure

Aligning to 8 sectors is not going to help at all, that is much
smaller than the normal erase block size (4MB) and also smaller
than typical page sizes (8kb or 16kb). If you want good performance,
you should always align to 4MB or more. Using the regular
geometry (255/63/1024), that will never be cylinder aligned,
which is ok. Don't try to do cylinder alignment.

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