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Re: [opensuse-arm] openSUSE on Beagleboard xM

On 24.02.2012, at 18:13, Guillaume Gardet wrote:

Le 24/02/2012 18:09, Alexander Graf a écrit :
On 24.02.2012, at 18:07, Guillaume Gardet wrote:

Le 24/02/2012 17:44, Alexander Graf a écrit :
On 24.02.2012, at 17:24, Guillaume Gardet wrote:

Le 24/02/2012 17:19, Guillaume Gardet a écrit :
Le 24/02/2012 17:03, Alexander Graf a écrit :
Hi Guillaume,

On 24.02.2012, at 16:51, Guillaume Gardet wrote:


I downloaded images from :
for the beagleboard xM
Ah, cool, thanks a lot for trying it out!
:) Thanks for the fast answer.
I managed to boot using this kernel and rootfs but I have no modules
loaded and there is nothing in /lib/modules, so I can only use
built-in drivers.

The thing is I did not used initrd since I am not sure how to handle
it. I think initrd has all the kernel modules.
Yeah, most device drivers are part of the initrd. And since we use LVM
for /, you definitely need an initrd.

Could you tell me how to use the initrd with u-boot, please?
If you just take the beagle image and directly dump it onto your board,
it should load the kiwi initrd with our kernel automatically. IIRC
things will break after reboot, because mkinitrd isn't fixed yet, but
you should be able to properly boot up the image at least once.
I do not think it will work since there is no MLO nor u-boot.bin nor
boot.scr script in the archive.
If I dd files, it won't boot since it is not an image file (and there is
no MLO).
If I copy files (cp) it won't work since u-boot does not know about it.
I need the kernel cmdline to boot properly.
Ooops. I just noticed there are 2 files:

I will try the .raw right now and tell it if it is working!
Yeah, I still need to figure out why we generate 2 files :o. Also, you
won't find MLO - it's directly written to offset 128kb on the raw image
for us, since that allows us to be completely FAT-less :)
The -raw.tar image is usefull to get files and using those as we want. The
.raw is very good to dd it.

It is nice to be FAT-less but how do you handle update? Well, MLO and
u-boot do not need lots of update.
U-boot can still be updated and resides in /boot.

Once monted on my PC I can also see MLO.

Yup, but it's unused :).

I do that:
sudo dd if=LimeJeOS-openSUSE-Factory-ARM-beagle.armv7l-1.12.1-Build6.6.raw
where /dev/sdb is my µSD card. But I cannot boot anymore. Any idea? Do I
need to format my card in a special way?
No, it should just work like that. Do you get any output on the serial

No, nothing. I think MLO is not found.

That is odd. Could you please try to rewrite MLO to offset 128kb on the sd
card? If that doesn't work, maybe we should try to take a known-good x-loader
and dump that on there. Unfortunately, we need x-loader with a special header
for raw boot which usually isn't present with the FAT based MLOs.

Do you have source code to an x-loader that you're sure works? Or could you try
to use the MLO that you found on the SD card with a FAT partition?


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