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Re: [opensuse-arm] ARM status
On Thursday 24 November 2011, Alexander Graf wrote:
So what is still missing from here?

* armv5

AFAIK it's currently built with gcc 4.4, but has ground to a halt due to
a file conflict between libstdc++ 4.4 and 4.6. There is also a
long-winded cycle between bison and translation-update-upstream.

Although I was not able to find the libgmp used by the v5 gcc 4.6
anywhere, the armv7l libgmp worked as a drop-in replacement so I could
build fixed binutils[*], gmp, and subsequently bison myself using 4.6,
and they appear to work just fine.

So if someone could disable the 4.4 overrides and inject the packages I
built (including krb5 and gpm, two more cycle-creating packaging
abominations), we might be able to get somewhere on v5 as well.

Packages are here:


[*] without gold (ICE)

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