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Re: [opensuse-arm] Growing some openSUSE ARMs

On 27.09.2011, at 16:30, Steve McIntyre wrote:

On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 03:05:44PM +0100, Andrew Wafaa wrote:
Sorry for the cross posting, but I thought it worth the extra noise ;-)

One of the things that came out of the recent Geeko Love-In for me was a
new project to immerse myself in within openSUSE. Yeah I know, we have
enough existing projects already so why create a new one? Simples!
Believe it or not but openSUSE is behind the curve in a specific
segment, and that segment has yet to explode to its full potential. That
segment is ARM. No I'm not talking about your upper body appendages, but
the architecture that powers most of your little devices (and some
bigger ones too). Almost all smartphones, tablets and many other
consumer devices are powered by ARM from one of the numerous licensees.

Didn't openSUSE do something about this a while ago? Yes we did.
Unfortunately the effort seems to have bitrotted somewhat, there were
numerous reasons and I don't even prophesise to know the all either.



If you'd like to join in some cross-distribution discussion about ARM
porting etc., please sign up to the cross-distro mailing list hosted
by Linaro:

Ah, cool. That might be very interesting, yes. Andrew, please join there too :).

There's already been a big meetup at LPC earlier on this month, and
we're resolving to do more regular sessions in the future. If there's
anything we can help with, please shout!

Right now we're trying to bootstrap some base packages with hardfp still. If
you like, you can see the current progress on:

I'm pretty sure that we could use quite some help once we get the base system
up and running and want to move on to activate the full system. For now, there
is only so much work that can be parallelized unfortunately.


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