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Re: [opensuse-arm] bootstrapping current Factory for ARM
On 23 September 2011 19:12, Dirk Müller <dmueller@xxxxxxx> wrote:


The last few days Adrian and I have been working on reviving Base:build:arm,
and at least for armv7el we're quite near a complete build.

The current state is that we've rebuilt all current sources versions of the
toolchain for Factory, and are in a state where it can almost bootstrap

Great Job! Thanks for choosing to get ARM on openSUSE as your HackWeek project.

I'm saying almost because it seems the gcc4.6 compiler is miscompiling things,
so the rpm db corrupts itself quite quickly. I'm still trying to find a fix
for that. On the other side we did not get far enough with 4.4 either, so it
seems we currently do need a newer compiler.

Speaking to some in the Fedora camp, they seem to think that having
the latest gcc made a difference, especially ensuring it had the PRs
listed in [0]. I'm no compiler expert so I wouldn't like to say.
What's the best way of checking, just branch/build/submit?

We've also setup openSUSE:Factory:ARM, which is supposed to bootstrap itself
and become a complete Factory distribution. We'll be working on this during
the next week. Currently this project is empty and not yet building due to
some initial issues still.

Currently we're building armv7el with softfp, although people have been
indicating that we should switch to hardfp, and revive armv5el for the softfp
targets. Any other comments?

My thinking behind preferring hardfp is that the boards/systems that
we will hopefully be running on (at least initially) will be the newer
variaty which support hardfp. My understanding of the situation is
that there is a significant gain if using hardfp vs softfp. Saying
that though I am open to being educated on the situation. I know our
competitors/peers are all switching to hardfp too.

Any help in the form of submitrequests is appreciated :-)

Also help with documentation and beefing out the wiki at [1] would be
helpful too :-)



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Andrew Wafaa
IRC: FunkyPenguin
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