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[opensuse-announce] "Lessons for Lizards" Start Today
  • From: Thomas Schraitle <thomas.schraitle@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 17:45:10 +0100
  • Message-id: <200612181745.10171.thomas.schraitle@xxxxxxx>

"Lessons for Lizards" is a new way to learn about openSUSE. It is
a documentation project for and by the community (licensed under GFDL)
that will be released on an equal footing with the internally
produced documentation. Lessons are written in a cook book style and
cover more specific or exotic topics than the traditional
manuals. For example:

* Experimental or nonstandard software
* Third party software
* Third party drivers
* Unusual hardware
* Complex setups (such as configuration of a home network server)

The Project So Far
We've set up a project on Novell Forge
( with
lots of information and a basic functional document. Our software
package installs the necessary build environment (including scripts
and style sheets).
The basic SVN structure is set up and we've gotten started with
some documents. If you want to learn to use it all, take a look

The Future
Our guide has barely cracked out of its egg. We know it needs:

* Content--it's very hungry
* Testing and more documentation for the LfL quick start guide
(we're already working on this)
* Better support for FOP configuration (the program that turns
DocBook into PDFs); our gurus are hard at work here
* You

Yes, the documentation team needs YOU! (No, we don't mean the online
update tool)

If you have a special topic to document, want to work on the guts of
the DocBook stylesheets or FOP build environment, have dreams of
becoming an editor, or just want to help out by testing what's been
written, this project is for you.

We have XML gurus and experienced writers and editors at the ready to
help you make this the manual of your dreams. What do you want in an
openSUSE manual? Join <opensuse-doc@xxxxxxxxxxxx> and let us know.
Contribute as you can to help make it happen.

We wanted to get this announced before Christmas so everyone can take
some time over the holidays to think about what they want and what
they can do. The team members here at SUSE all have a new year's
resolution of working with the community to make this happen. When we
are back in January (around the 8th for most of us, although we do
have some members around between the holidays, too), we hope to see
lots of new faces and new ideas on the mailing list.

The future of "Lessons for Lizards" is in your hands.

Have a lot of fun!
The SUSE Documentation Team

Thomas Schraitle

SUSE LINUX GmbH >o) Documentation Specialist
Maxfeldstrasse 5 /\\
90409 Nuernberg _\_v

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