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[opensuse-announce] Get Involved! openSUSE community meeting 2006-12-16 18:00GMT
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  • Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 22:27:03 -0000 (GMT)
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Date: Saturday - 2006-12-16
Time: 18:00 GMT
Location: #opensuse-community


This meeting is primarily organised for, and run by openSUSE community
members who are not employed by Novell/SUSE.
This meeting is not a status meeting, Status meetings are primarily
communication to and from folk.

The aims of the meeting are to:

- Inform (of existing community participation.)
- Encourage (further community involvements through practical suggestions.)
- Enable (said involvement with further meetings & connecting resources.)

The meeting is planned for a Saturday as this seems to be the best day to
allow as many people as possible who do not work for Novell/SUSE to

A core group of people have already agreed to attend. It would be great to
have as many people as possible attend. Whether you have any interest in
participating in the project in any capacity, or are simply interested in
what others are doing.

It would be good to feedback on the results of this meeting at the status
meeting on 2006-12-20. However, most of those involved with organising
this meeting are unable to attend status meetings due to timing.

Agenda below:


- Introduction/Purpose of meeting.
- Overview of a selection of existing projects with opensuse community
involvement, and how others can get involved.

- opensuseupdater (Narayan Newton)
- Translation (Martin Schlander)
- Packaging (Pascal Bleser)
- Build Service clients (Jonathan Arsenault)
- Package Search (Benjamin Weber)
- Perhaps more, time permitting. If you want to talk about a project you
are involved with let me know, or reply to this thread.

- Brainstorming session to concoct achievable projects that would directly
benefit openSUSE. Please come with ideas if you have any. Aim for projects
requiring varying skillsets. Results can be populated on . Some ideas to kick off discussion:

- Some ideas on and already.
- Extensions to pre-existing projects mentioned in the first part of the
- YaST module UI cleanup [1]
- FAQ [2]
- One click repository adding + Package install [3]
- Hopefully many more to be gathered before and during meeting.

- Organisation
- Exchange names/contact details with any who are interested in helping
with a particular suggestion.
- Plan dates for subsequent specialized meetings to persue any projects
with significant interest.
- Set preliminary date for next community meeting.
- Assign task of writing minutes.
- Assign task of updating wiki tasks/projects page with results of this
- Assign task of giving feedback on the results of this meeting at the
next status meeting.



[1] Certain modules in YaST are in need of user interface improvements to
make their core functionality accessable to inexperienced users, This
breaks down into several tasks for those with varying abilities/time.

- Gather feedback about current modules, Identify core use-cases for
- Design/Mockup improved UI to better enable these core use-cases.
- Gather feedback on suggested changes.
- Make suggested changes.

Requires: Users, Designers/Artists, Developers

[2] There are innumerable existing howtos, tutorials, and support articles
all over the place, on and in other places. Some superb,
others less good.

Many of the very most frequently asked questions touch areas of
questionable legality and cannot be hosted on

It would be very beneficial to have a FAQ covering a few of the very most
frequently asked questions and a "Best practice" consistent answer to each
of the top n questions. They would cover not the easiest way for the
support person to fix the issue with an obscure command, but the very
easiest way for the user to accomplish their goal (& how they might
discover it on their own). Illustrated with appropriate media,
Text,Screenshots,Screencasts etc as appropriate.

This is a lot more work than it might sound, but it is something that many
people would be capable of helping with.

Entails: Discussion & Planning to come up with the top questions & easiest
way to solve each question. High level of maintenance to keep current (See
constant changes in best way to install nvidia driver etc)

Requires: People experienced with support in Real Life/Forum/IRC etc; Good
language skills; Translators

[3] I blogged about this after this meeting was planned

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