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Hardware advice for upgrade.
  • From: "John" <newsgrp1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2006 14:42:15 +1000
  • Message-id: <4433D747.32373.1119D39F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I would appreciate some advice on moving up.... I have been using SuSE on
our home systems since V7.x and although I worked in I.T. I am now semi-
retired and haven't upgraded our systems for some years.

Needless to say using older Celeron based systems can be extremely
frustrating to say the least. We run our network 24/7 and operate our own
mail server via a broadband connection,

We have been using SuSE 9.2, and after getting the new hardware I intend
to do a new install of SuSE 10.0 ,or 10.1 I have been doing a lot of reading,
googling and general preparation for making the changes and will be
building the system myself.

I expect the changeover to have a dramatic improvement in speed and user
pleasure, and I will do the diplomatic thing and replace my wife's system

Wife's machine is used for the usual email, OpenOffice functions, surfing,
card games etc. but she also wants to be able to work with her photo's.
Presently she uses Digikam and is learning Gimp. So the graphics are

I would appreciate any comments on the following to assist me with deciding
the final configuration..

1. I would like to move to an AMD 64 processor and gather that I can use
the 64 bit version without any issues and that 32 bit programs will still run
OK. is that correct?

2. I am going with a 939 socket m/b, my initial preference is Giga-Byte (eg
GA-K8N Pro-SLI, GA-K8N-SLI) as I have had reliable service from three GB
boards for over 5 years. . Tyan are out of my price range but I would be
interested in other mid range suggestions that work reliably with SuSE.

3. The CPU I am considering is the AMD Athlon 64 3200+ or 3700+ San
Diego, there is a reasonable price difference between these and a cache of
512 or 1mb. Would there be a significant difference with the 3700+ given the
nature of the usage mentioned (photos).

4. I would install a minimum of 1Gb ram or should we look at 2Gb.

5. Where I would appreciate some advice is on the graphics side, graphic
cards to date have only been an early Nvidea PCI with 64kb, and a later
upgrade to an AGP ATI Radeon 9200 with 128Kb. What would be a
reasonable choice for a graphics card to give her a real benefit in handling
photos? I can't see the need for two SLI x16 cards, however given only a
small difference in m/b pricing If there is scope for two Nvidea cards it
wouldn't matter.

6. I am also looking at cases, we are in australia and our summers here can
get quite warm so I am looking at effective cooling and quiet (no water
systems thanks) with reasonable styling and installation with minimum
screws. I am considering the Thermaltake Soprano, Silverstone TJ06 or an
Antec case (without the side windows).

Any comments and advice would be appreciated.


Any comments appreciated

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