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Re: [suse-amd64] Anyone running MSI K8T Master2
  • From: Manfred Knick <Manfred.Knick@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 20:07:24 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <200405292207.07762.Manfred.Knick@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Am Saturday 29 May 2004 20:34 schrieb Eugene Chu:
> For the latter, you might be able to connect the fan wires across the +5v
> and +12v wires on your power cable. This gives you 7v to drive the fan,
> which should be enough to get it running at a low speed.

!!! PLEASE, DON'T !!!

Your "advice" implies to nearly short-cut the +12V and the +5V circuits.
And that applies to all devices dependant upon clean +12V and +5V supply !!!
(E.g. all controllers, disk drives, etc. pp.) (Typically used power-supplies
do provide three power wiring harnesses, but that's for easy physical
installation only - the lines (yellow, red, black) are all connected resp. ,
as a 1-second-test with the simplest continuity tester reveals.)

If you "underclockers" have had incredible luck so far,
this is only due to the internal resistance of the fan.
If that crashes to zero, for whichever reason : good bye ...
(E.g., closing your case, a cable accidentally blocks that fan rotor, and it
burns ... normally no great thing at all: just replace the fan itself.)

The (switching) power supply is providing cleanly separated circuits, for good

> This avoids the use of a dropping resistor,
> which will be yet another source of heat that has to be removed.

In exchange, there is considerable danger to potentially destroy your PSM ,
potentially inducing uncontrollable destructions to MoBo, controllers, ...,
data damage ...

If _YOU_ are willing to take that risk, go for it and be blessed ...
But don't lure others into possible destruction and disaster without any
warning at all !!! Sorry, IMHO this is unaccountable fly-by-night.

Don't take it amiss!

Kind regards

- Manfred

BTW: Do you know this southern-english joke ?

A woman is cleaning the window pane at 1st floor,
when a gentleman from the 36th floor plummets by in front of her, outside ...
Being frienly and polite, in order to act naturally, she asks:
"How are you?"
His answer:
"So far, so good ..."

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