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Re: [opensuse-ambassadors] Bring openSUSE to students who just started studying at Berlin (Humboldt University): ask for marketing stuff
Am Freitag, 20. Januar 2012, 16:37:30 schrieb Andreas Jaeger:
On 01/20/2012 01:46 PM, Robert Riemann wrote:
Dear communiy,

I would like to present you my idea how to spread opensuse at my

I started my physics studies at 2007 at the Humboldt-University. In
contrast to the whole university, our departement uses Linux (Debian with
KDE4) on nearly every student desktop terminal. For a lot of students
this is the first contact with linux. Nevertheless the most students
don't consider to switch to Linux privately, although the benefits are
geat (ssh to university, sftp in Dolphin, easy latex, same applications,

My suggestion to show off how easy it is to install and use Linux (with
opensuse). My friend, who is supporting this event, already spoke with the
responsable IT office. We will get the opportunity to get direclty
integrated in the "computing courses for beginners" sessions, which are
usually visited by all new students.

Right now, I try to create with suseStudio an installable liveCD with
special software known from other courses preinstalled.

It would be awesome, If we could get some marking stuff from openSuse. I'm
thinking about maybe 5 shirts as prices (for people who installed openSuse
first on their laptops – or something like that), some posters with
commands (I have one myself – very handy!), some promoDVD for people
prefering a more standard setup. Furthermore it would be amazing, if we
could get some (or better: a lot) of these openSuse branded pen drives to
put on our own live image.

Our presentation is going to be splitted into two parts. We will first
show of some slides. In the 2nd part we will assist people with their
fist experiences with opensuse and help more advanced users to install
it right there. At least, this is my inital idea. I'm open for

I expect around 50 students to participate spread of two events happening
on different dates.

Beyond that, I'm in contact with some KDE contributors studying at both
other Berlin universities to create a joined effort.

Hi robert,

please use the form at to request these and
I'll take care of shipping what we have in two weeks,


Thank you very much! The package arrived and I'm going to prepare a one-click-
install pattern for all the interesting software the students might want to

The specific date of our opensuse presentations is still to be announced! I
will post it here. Most probably on 9th march and 23th march at:

Newtonstr. 15
12489 Berlin
room: Gerthsen-Hörsaal

or Newtonstr. 14 Room 1'02

Kind regards,
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